10 April 2017

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After my recent throwaway comment (à propos Christine's hostile reaction after Raoul's renunciation letter) to the effect that if Raoul had taken Gustave then a lot of tragedy all round would have been avoided, I ended up -- somewhat to my disbelief/dismay -- getting more LND plot nibbles...

I'd have to be careful, because this is actually a plotline I've seen done in fan-fiction, albeit in a somewhat different vein. plot elements so far )
Notes on French Army in WW1 )
igenlode: The pirate sloop 'Horizon' from "Treasures of the Indies" (Default)
Tagging sprint, Round Two!

Finally created a Gustave tag and went all the way back to 2012 again (240 posts) looking for all the posts where I would have tagged him had the tag existed at the time. I found twenty-two — plus this one. A waste of a very considerable amount of time, since character tags are really not that helpful on Dreamwidth.

(But then very few of the others are either, once they get used sufficiently often to make it difficult to find the specific entry I'm looking for...)


igenlode: The pirate sloop 'Horizon' from "Treasures of the Indies" (Default)
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