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As a result of a Spring Giftfic Exchange, I'm now committed to writing a fan-fiction story set in Downton Abbey -- not a fandom that I volunteered for (apparently it was so difficult to match people up that despite asking us to list at least five fandoms that we might be able to write stories for and five that we would like to receive, we almost all ended up being asked to do something that we hadn't actually offered!)

Of Raoul/Christine plots and Gwen Dawson )
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Well, I wasn't really expecting that...

Tried the Sherlock Personality Quiz (it does say "you might be surprised who you end up getting"), and while the -- truthful -- multiple-choice answers I gave weren't the ones that I would have identified as the obvious 'Holmes set', the result was quite unambiguous.

You are Sherlock Holmes. The smartest person in any room (unless your brother is there), you frequently drive people crazy with your rude tone, frighteningly meticulous eye for detail and rapid-fire conversation. Some find your brusque demeanor and total disregard for social norms off-putting and you might have a hard time making friends. But you're shockingly loyal to the (very few) people you choose to associate with voluntarily and there's definitely a heart buried somewhere under all that arrogance. Your friend is probably right about the solar system being important, though, so maybe you should look it up.

On the whole I think I'm slightly flattered... which suggests the result is not that inaccurate!

And on their Downton Abbey quiz, I'm apparently Lord Grantham. Which again I would not have expected -- and find more flattering than I would have thought -- but the way they put it, it actually makes sense...

Now to work out what will result when you take the intersection of those two characters! (Pride and loyalty, I suspect.)


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