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5 April 2017 10:55 pm
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In the last week, I've actually been doing some art :-)

Here are some daffodils that were busy growing outside (not a real painting, but a pencil sketch 'coloured in' with watercolours)

And here is Major Thania from the B7 episode "Trial", copied from the Sevencyclopedia as part of my push towards finally getting "Blue Remembered Hills" published -- sadly she is not going to feature in the story, but I thought I might pinch her smart uniform as a basis for my Rall's clothing; I really can't see the officer cadets running round in baggy Federation troopers' overalls, somehow.

(from http://igenlode.deviantart.com/art/Federation-Costume-673134567)
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"Blue Remembered Hills" is finished!

The grand "Blake's 7"/"Phantom of the Opera" crossover project that I started in response to a forum challenge ("least likely crossovers") back in December 2013 is finally typed up and -- barring some proofreading on the final two-and-half-thousand words -- completely computerised. The challenge is long since over, the forum itself is now defunct, and I did wonder with increasing urgency whether the computer itself would survive long enough to see the end of the story... but it's done. The final few months went considerably quicker once I'd given up on trying to get the chapters properly beta-read, alas, but I think the improvement in quality achieved thereby was probably not worth the enormous delay caused by lack of communication at the other end and massive procrastination on my part when it came to tackling edits.Read more... )
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I've now rough-typed two more chapters for "Blue Remembered Hills" (Ch18 and 19) (Edit: these ones from the 12th of March 2014!) and dared for the first time to look ahead in the manuscript and work out how many chapters I have left to go -- it looks as if after all this time there are only three chapters left :-D

I've got chapter length issues, though: Ch19, the pivotal one, is under two thousand words, and the surrounding three are at least twice that size, while the final two scenes constitute another very short chapter. The penultimate chapter has two scenes in it and might be splittable, but the second scene of that would be pretty short as a chapter on its own, and really can't stand together with the epilogue material following; there's a significant time/distance jump.

And Ch19 will just have to stay short, I think. It's probably explosive enough on its own. All those long chapters are going to be a real pain to proofread... (it takes the computer about twenty minutes just to read them out :-p)

Current word-count: 65,000, more or less. I estimate around another 10,000 in the remaining material.
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When I got out my tape of "Project Avalon"/"Breakdown" to do some Phantom-related research (what happens when Zen goes offline?) I discovered that the video had been left still wound halfway through from when I watched "Project Avalon" for the Blake's 7 Synchro-watch in the newsgroup alt.fan.blakes-7. Apparently that was over twelve years ago...

At any rate, I thought I might as well write up my impressions of the episode for the newsgroup for old times' sake, since I never actually did "Breakdown" at the time; but since there hasn't been much traffic in that group for years and Google have broken the newsgroup archive interface, I thought I'd post the article here as well, for posterity.

Series 1, Episode 10: Breakdown )


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