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15 May 2017 12:57 am
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Finished my fourth concert in two weeks, one I'd completely forgotten I'd said I'd do -- one rehearsal and then basically winging it :-(

And that really is it for the moment, I hope, although concert No. 2 was so delayed from the original schedule that we've got another one due in a couple of months...

Fan-fiction progress:

I really need to get round to posting the next chapter of "Blue Remembered Hills" (I keep putting it off on the grounds that I need to write some more reviews in the B7 section and thus possibly stir up some more interest... and then not actually getting round to writing the reviews...)

"In Regret Always" is coming along quite nicely; I had a slight panic due to the two scenes that were intended to fit within the same Act I flashback turning out to be too long to put in a single chapter, thus involving a chapter break within the flashback, thus meaning that I really needed to get back *out* of the flashback at the end of the first chapter and back into it at the start of the second by some mechanism. Chapter length is of course an entirely arbitrary concept, and there's no reason in theory why I can't have an opening chapter that's twice the (anticipated) length of all the scenes to follow... or start a new chapter one layer of flashback/quoting further up than the previous chapter, which ended on a quote within a flashback. But I do feel that the last of those options, at least, is probably a bad idea!

Anyway, I've finished the fairly densely-outlined opening sequence and am now most of the way (I think) through the confrontation with the Phantom, which was the one section I only ever had very sketchy ideas about in the first place. I just had to do a major-ish rewrite on the last two pages because I realised I'd gone overboard on my 'first fight sequence' without leaving any trauma in reserve for the main assault; this involved taking the whole thing to bits, reversing the order of the two, and reusing [almost] all the intervening material, only in a different context. Very satisfying when achieved, but rather harder work than writing it properly in the first place!
However, as a whole the confrontation is coming out quite well... all I have to do now is engineer Gustave into the equation so that they can actually escape :-)

Date: 2017-05-15 11:38 am (UTC)
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Good luck with your next concert!

I'm looking forward to the next "Blue Remembered Hills" chapter. :)


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