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Of the late-sown plants that failed to flower last year, one turned out to be another sweet alyssum and flourished mightily, the ageratums died, the wallflower-like things withered and died one by one through winter and spring, the creeping thyme-like stuff with tiny leaves gradually died off, the love-in-the-mist-like frondy thing is still sitting there looking quite vigorous but showing no signs of flowering, and there's another one that has been clinging on underneath the alyssum with its leading shoots looking deformed.

Meanwhile I sowed another packet of random seed from a "Little Miss" flower kit that was date-expired (rescued from bric-à-brac donations). I didn't expect much result.

The seeds I scattered across the empty tray with my three surviving plants from last year germinated prolifically and grew rapidly. The seeds I planted in the supplied Mr Men compost discs inside the supplied coir pots from the flower kit germinated but looked very sick and weedy and started to grow mould. I emptied out the three pots and transplanted a selection of the contents to another tray of standard compost.

A month or so later, the transplants are now settled in and looking healthy. The 'broadcast' seed is a wildly successful jungle (though I have tried to thin it a little) running rampant with the first plants starting to think about showing flower buds. And the handful of seedlings I put back into one of the coir pots (mainly because some of them had rooted in the side of the pot and it seemed heartless to rip them out)? They are still tiny, sickly, and the three surviving plants are only now developing their first true leaves.

All from the same packet of seed sown at the same time. I don't know what they put in those Mr Men kits, but it was clearly a radically unsuitable environment.

Oh, and the first identifiable plant from the new seed? Another alyssum!

After my previous experiences with the alyssum I allowed it to flower earlier this year and then pinched back all the tallest vertical stems to suppress it a bit when the younger stuff started coming up. Having discovered that I have a new smaller alyssum about to come into flower, I have now hardened my heart and cut down last year's plant altogether, which should create a bit more space for the stuff trying to grow on that side of the tray...

Date: 2017-07-03 06:19 pm (UTC)
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I'm not surprised the compost discs were useless. Basically a gimmick.


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