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More new flowers from the second tray: this one seems to be a nemisia. And this one appears to be some kind of corn-cockle. Possibly. Except that it doesn't have hairy leaves or stems - and those twisted flower-buds with the bulge at the end are very distinctive... I think there may be some more ageratums growing in the first tray, but if so they didn't do nearly so well as the two in the second tray; almost all of them have withered and died at a young stage, one looks as if it has pulled through (though still much smaller than the ones planted later) and one may have a healthy new leaf coming. Otherwise we have some wallflower-like things, and the love-in-the-mist-like things which have been sitting in the understory doing not very much -- I thought they might perk up now that everything above them has died back, but not so far.


igenlode: The pirate sloop 'Horizon' from "Treasures of the Indies" (Default)
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