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Chapter two of "In Regret, Always" completed: i.e. typed, heavily tweaked in places in an attempt to make it work better, and proofread for transcription errors (in that order!)

It eventually came out at 5,800 words, which is probably the longest single chapter I've done -- actually longer than several of my existing multi-chapter stories in their entirety. If it hadn't been for the framing structure I'd probably have elected to simply to split it at "an equally brave lie", but I had enough trouble getting in and out of the frame in order to split off the first half of the scene (an extra 3,500 words; just as well I did :-p) In any case, I seem to remember that chapter 3 in the manuscript is going to be even longer...

Six thousand words is a perfectly reasonable length for a chapter anyhow; I was combining scenes together into six-thousand-word chapters in order to avoid ending up with multiple breaks per page when publishing zines in [personal profile] watervole's A4 format.

I'm quite pleased with this chapter as it eventually turned out, I think, despite the multiple bouts of heavy surgery it underwent during composition -- the legacy of which are the remaining page stubs where I ended up actually tearing sizeable sections out! However, I'm not entirely certain about how reasonable Gustave's rejection comes across as being: on the face of it, given the treatment he and Raoul have just received it's entirely what one would anticipate (he has already fled from Mr Y once and will do so again in the Australian version of Christine's deathbed). But it does involve an implied rejection of the mother he adores. I've tried to deal with this by indicating subsequently that he is assuming they're going to be 'rescuing' her from Mr Y as well, but in the immediate context... would a ten-year-old boy agree to go with a man he's afraid of in order to be reunited with his mother, when the man hasn't actually done anything bad to him other than express a somewhat over-intense enthusiasm to have him in his family? If the alternative is to lose touch with his mother for ever, or to leave her in perceived danger? I feel that he might easily be expected to do so...
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igenlode: The pirate sloop 'Horizon' from "Treasures of the Indies" (Default)
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