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The first flowers have come out on my windowsill -- and they turn out to be purple Virginia stocks, which are apparently notoriously quick-growing. These were some of the smallest seedlings and have rushed upwards and into flower before many of the other varieties have managed more than a couple of leaves yet. I've been trying to thin them out (they don't have much root to speak of) but there are still far more of them than anything else at the moment. I'm assuming they will die off once they finished flowering.

The second tray, the transplants out of the coir pots, contains very few of the Virginia stocks which are currently dominating the first tray and a lot more larger-leafed seedlings, which is clearly a result of their having been transplanted manually! Just as well I did, otherwise I think we'd have all stocks and nothing else...

There's at least one seedling in the first tray, however, that looks remarkably like a basil plant -- and smells like it when you rub the leaves. Surely nobody would put basil in a child's flower collection?


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