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This has of course been done to death already... but here’s my own ‘repurposing’ of the finale to ‘Love Never Dies’, inspired by some discussion of the latest (Hamburg) production.

This is not a version of the characters I particularly endorse — but it’s one I can see Andrew Lloyd Webber accepting, at a pinch!

(And I still don't care for the present-tense viewpoint, but it's the best I can manage in order to convey a 'script' format in this context. I confidently expect this to be my last foray in that direction.)


Meg’s voice cracks in betrayal.

“Christine — always Christine!”

The tenuous threads of hope — of understanding — that the Phantom’s voice had sent spinning out around her are ripped asunder, and she springs back as if from a closing trap. The gun is levelled between them. It fires.

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After some intensive work today (I took it with me on a couple of walks), "Meg Shoots the Phantom" is finished! Not bad going for only a couple of writing sessions -- though the whole manuscript is only about 1500 words by my reckoning :-D
Anyway, I'm quite pleased with it -- the rearrangement of existing events and lyrics is quite clever, the running time is I think consistent with the existing score, and I can picture it actually being performed. As a piece of writing it's something of a stylistic experiment, of course, but I'm not sure how many people are likely even to notice that.

And it has a proper title: "Redemption", which is what the Phantom is notably lacking in the current version of the scene!

It doesn't avoid one of the basic problems with the plot, which is that Christine gets handed over between one man and another without an apparent agency of her own in the matter, and it's sickeningly sentimental about the Phantom (who is portrayed as rather more noble, in my view, than is consistent with his character in the rest of the show), but both of those are the result of my attempt to come up with a version of the ending that is consistent with Andrew Lloyd Webber's apparent intentions for "Love Never Dies" and one that he might theoretically actually implement. I was slightly nervous about giving ALW a guest appearance in the final paragraphs, as it seems a little too much akin to Real Person Fiction and a little presumptuous to shoehorn a reaction onto someone, but there is a certain tradition of that in this fandom. (And at least I was civil about it!)

Hm, I wonder how I'm going to tag a one-word story title for blogging purposes...
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(testing blog image hosting)

Happy, healthy young apple seedlings... and the ink-bottle for my fountain-pens!

A tangled tray of 'salad' waiting to form flower-buds (believe it or not, I did do some thinning-out, by the unorthodox route of removing the stronger specimens of each species!)

Results from the fine-as-dust seed that was left in the bottom of the packet, which I suspect will produce a different species mix

In further news, I have finished typing "A Family Man" and started work on the provisionally-titled "Meg Shoots the Phantom" -- which is definitely going to need a better title at some point!
It looks as if the latter story really is going to be a short one for once, which I think is partly due to the script-like presentation I've consciously adopted (present tense and third-person 'objective', hence no long digressions into backstory or characters' thoughts about other characters) and partly due to the constraints of the original model: as an alternate finale, my version needs to fit more or less back into the space occupied by the current scene. Even as it is, it's going to be a bit longer, I suspect...
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I don't believe this.
After discussing the finale of "Love Never Dies" (subsequent to the LND Hamburg review) I might actually end up having to write that Meg-shoots-Phantom scene... despite the fact that it's unoriginal fix-fic of the most blatant kind, that it can only plausibly be done ALW-style by milking the audience for a degree of sympathy for the Phantom that I frankly dislike, and that I said I wasn't going to write any more LND fanfic and least of all for a scene that I've already covered twice, and that every fangirl under the sun has already 'fixed' in the same unoriginal fashion. And that I still have the "Family Man" vignette to write, not to mention the long-queued "If I Were Vicomte", which I did think I might actually start!

But I've already got a beginning, an end, and a style for this scene (present tense, audience PoV). All I need to do is work out precisely how it plays out with Christine in the middle...


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