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List of Completed Fics

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Finally complete, with two pages to spare.

I went back and forwards at least three times as to who was going to say which side of the dialogue in that final scene, then, having initially chosen to reverse it from my original conception, finally decided after a couple of days of trying to make this work that I needed to switch it over again. So after a complete rewrite of the last two paragraphs we are back, more or less, to the original concept, though like the rest of the story it was rather less angsty at that point!

Fluff is really not my strong suit... but I'm now a lot happier about the ending. My subconscious was definitely trying to tell me something there ;-)

I think this is only my second story using POTO-Raoul (as opposed to Love-Never-Dies-Raoul, who is basically the same person but older and badly damaged, or the younger and more vulnerable Leroux-Raoul, who is virtually a completely different character — though this gets confused by the shared offstage backstory and my conflation of the two as he grows up). He is a lot less angsty here than in Beyond the Abyss, but then he has a good deal less to be distressed about; the basically sunny and confident temperament we see in the rest of the musical is in full swing.

Newly Wed

Every morning, the sun casts a rainbow across her pillow... and whatever her fears, they will face the future together. *C/R fluff*
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Oops. I forgot that Raoul's nostalgic associations with the "Little Lotte" verse are likely to have shifted considerably after the events of the musical -- however fondly he remembers the actual picnics in the attic, etc :-( Fortunately that section took place as the precursor to a shift into protective mode anyway, so it's easy enough to shade it in a darker direction...

Still not finished, though I must be very near the end now; I've put the Countess in. Maybe another page? I should finish before the end of the notebook, anyway, although I certainly shan't get the 'family' fic in as well, as I had originally fondly imagined.
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One of my anemones has fallen flat and seems to have snapped off from its root at ground level. Probably mechanical damage from drawing the curtain, I think, rather than rot or insect damage.
Oh well. I have four others and it wasn't doing anything interesting anyway -- just sitting there with its single leaf on a long stalk...
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Seventeen pages† into my R/C fluff-fic (provisionally entitled "Newly Wed"), and I'm hoping the end is in sight; I've only got the Countess and "to hold me and to hide me" to work in. And the actual conclusion, of course, however that's going to come out...

† About 2500 words; it's a very small notebook that I thought should do nicely for a one-shot.

I was hoping I could get it in under ff.net's "K+" (Kids) rating, but in the event I just don't think I can. There's nothing at all explicit, but the implications are undoubtedly there.

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Over the past two days I've ended up with ideas for not just one but two different short pieces of 'fluff' fiction for Christine and Raoul (i.e. fairly plotless vignettes designed to give readers of that persuasion happy fluffy feelings about the characters' relationship). It seems to be something to do with bus travel, of all things - perhaps it lets my mind wander more than cycling does.
A slightly expensive source of inspiration, if so, since the bike repairs cost me £45 and a couple of days' bus travel cost me several pounds on top of that — but inspiration is inspiration and one can't complain!
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Now I really must get on and write them down before the whole thing gets forgotten, rather than getting distracted by Things on the Internet!


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