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I've just spent most of the evening applying my twenty years' rusty Russian to an online article about the Hamburg staging of "Love Never Dies", having been tempted into it from Tumblr on glimpsing the tantalising statement "мне показалось, что она не любит Призрака" (I get the impression that Christine doesn't love the Phantom)
It's wonderful what a bit of motivation can do...


Yet again, independent confirmation that Raoul (whom the reviewer concludes this Christine no longer loves in the romantic sense either) comes across in LND despite the author's intentions as a far more interesting and sympathetic character in his relationship with Christine than the one-note Phantom does, and indeed that Lloyd Webber has in effect written the piece as Raoul's tragedy and not, as he supposes, as that of the Phantom. How did the composer manage to do this without noticing?

The late-coming anemone is now dying as well without ever having reached full growth, the one with the damaged stem has withered, and the others have not only failed to bloom but aren't looking all that vigorous either. I'm afraid that as house-plants (and as a gift) they were a complete and utter failure.
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Oops. I forgot that Raoul's nostalgic associations with the "Little Lotte" verse are likely to have shifted considerably after the events of the musical -- however fondly he remembers the actual picnics in the attic, etc :-( Fortunately that section took place as the precursor to a shift into protective mode anyway, so it's easy enough to shade it in a darker direction...

Still not finished, though I must be very near the end now; I've put the Countess in. Maybe another page? I should finish before the end of the notebook, anyway, although I certainly shan't get the 'family' fic in as well, as I had originally fondly imagined.
should I cheat on the FFnet tagging? )

One of my anemones has fallen flat and seems to have snapped off from its root at ground level. Probably mechanical damage from drawing the curtain, I think, rather than rot or insect damage.
Oh well. I have four others and it wasn't doing anything interesting anyway -- just sitting there with its single leaf on a long stalk...
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Somewhat to my surprise, the fifth and final anemone has now shown its head, looking very smuch smaller and weedier than the others; we now have a 100% survival rate over the winter. However, not only were they a long way behind the ones growing outside, they have yet to show any signs of flowering or doing anything beyond producing one leaf each. They may have been given to me as suitable windowsill plants last autumn, but as forced flowers they are obviously a complete non-starter: if they had been put into the cold earth outside they would probably have done better!

On the other hand, my £3 mystery seed has germinated with great enthusiasm. in consecutive order according to its variety. I still have no idea what any of them are, though the first seedlings are just begining to show their true leaves (something pinnate). There are some tiny ones that were the latest to germinate and must have come from seed like dust, some with a round cupped seed like a miniature poppy head (but different), some from long thin black and white sticks, some that came up with seed leaves so pale as to be almost white and are now showing intriguing signs of blushing pink, some with bright orange seed husks, and probably more....

I have also planted some apple pips in the hopes of creating 'pippins' for a 'native woodland hedge' in a year or two, which are currently in fashion. If and when they fruit in five years' time, the fruits will be small sour throwbacks, as the vast majority of randomly sprouted hedgerow pippins are, but the wildlife doesn't mind :-)
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I now have four shoots on my window-sill; the packet says that there were originally five bulbs, but presumably one of them failed to survive the winter. (Weirdly, all four are in a cluster over one side of the pot -- I certainly wouldn't have planted them that way! They must have migrated through the soil by pushing their roots.)

And I bought myself a £3 packet of flower seeds as an Easter present, having finally decided to throw out the remnants of the 'wildflower seed tag' that I planted a couple of years back from my Lush bubble-bath wand. By this point it had turned into a pot of rushes and sweet alyssum, the sole vigorous survivor of the poppies and field flowers originally included. It seemed a bit cruel to put the alyssum on the compost heap when it was growing so vigorously and still flowering, but it was getting extremely straggly and messy (shedding flowers and leaves all over the place), and I was distinctly tired of it on my windowsill :-(

So now I have a fresh tray of mystery seed, of which I know nothing save that none of the flowers are supposed to grow more than 12" high and that they are expected to start flowering within six weeks and germinating within five days -- billed as a quick flush of changing colour throughout the summer as different plants come into bloom. They don't actually tell you which species are in there!

I shall have to harden my heart and try to thin it out a bit, since there will be rather more than five separate individual seeds in there this time...
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The anemones that I planted on the second of October (and that were given to me as a present to bloom indoors within two months) have finally bent their heads and thrust up two little purplish shoots. Oddly enough this is at exactly the same time as the bulbs growing outside in the garden: it is clearly Springtime for Anemones!
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So much for shoots should appear in approximately eight weeks - the bulbs are still there, apparently rooted and still unrotted, but showing no signs whatsoever of greenery, let alone flowers, after four months...
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I've planted five anemones in a pot on my windowsill. We'll see how long it takes for anything to happen -- the instructions recommend a bright area with a temperature of 20 degrees Centigrade, and my windowsill is currently 16C and decreasing, so I suspect that nothing will happen before the plants would naturally come up anyway in the spring...


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